Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Headset. Great wireless headphones for tablets [video]

I have known Jabra for a good few years because I have been using and testing various Jabra products for a while. Initially they were headsets, and now it’s time for headphones. After Jabra Sport Pulse turn to Jabra Move Wireless wireless headsets, which are compatible with tablets, smartphones, computers and all devices with Bluetooth. And I must admit I’m delighted with the sound coming out of Jabra Move Wireless …

Stylistic package, exhaustive set

Nowadays, the product must not only be functional and beautiful looking, but also the packaging must encourage the purchase. And in that case, exactly. The Jabra Move Wireless box is classic, functional and eye catching. The most important element, ie the handset, is located in a rubbery environment, and under this hardware you will find a microUSB cable (for charging), a 3.5mm jack cable and several papers. Only what I miss is some basic case that protects the equipment during transport.

Jabra Move Wireless is a solid, well-finished handset

Jabra Move Wireless headphones are a solidly designed handset that works well under almost any conditions. The whole construction weighs 150 grams and in general these grams on the head does not feel. Three different materials were used for the production of this material: stainless steel, dirt-resistant plastic and plastic.

The first material was used to create a cradle on which the entire casing is based. From the top was sewn through a material that is supposed to be resistant to soot. On both sides of the headphone you can find a number of buttons and ports that will make everyday use of your equipment easier. Take an appearance at this post to obtain more advice: click here for more. On the left side of Jabra there is a volume control, a telephone key and a 3.5mm jack. This allows us to listen to music without having to turn on Bluetooth. On the right hand side, there is a power switch, a Bluetooth switch, and a microUSB port.

An important element is also the ear muffs through which the sound smoothly. They are made of leather or material with very similar properties. This is one of the most sensitive elements in the handset and the manufacturer knows it well. Why such a belief? Well, the quality of this item deserves attention. Everything is very well sewn. The material itself should also endure many, really many hours of use …

Great sound quality – clean, low-pitch, high-pitched, no chopping and interrupting transmission

In headphones, the most important thing is the quality of the sound, and if we buy hardware for a few hundred dollars, then it just needs to sound good. And is the tested product Jabra Move Wireless so? I can confirm with my whole heart that this is the case. Already during the first play of the music file, a smile appeared at me. I was just a little surprised, especially when I mentioned Jabra Sport Pulse. Of course this is another category of headphones, but also a completely different class of music playback.

The tested wireless Jabra Move Wireless headphones have low-pitch and high-pitched tones, and the most important for me is the audible bass. In terms of music quality, these are some of the best headphones I’ve tested so far. I think no one will complain about how he hears his favorite music file.

Headphones for listening to music, but also for phone calls

Jabra Move headphones not only have excellent sound quality but also the ability to make phone calls. The device comes with a microphone and a function key that allows you to receive and end calls. In practice it works perfectly – no matter if we go, run, and we can sit, the quality of conversations is just very good. Neither side did not raise any objections. You do not hear any murmurs or voice conversions.

Connection via Bluetooth, connection stability flawless

Jabra Move Wireless headset with Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to pair with any electronic equipment. During the test, I linked the tested product to a computer, several smartphones, and tablets. And in none of these cases there were problems. Each time, both devices were ready to work very quickly. Just turn on Bluetooth on your tablet or phone, then turn on Bluetooth visibility on your Jabra. How to do it? Move the switch to the Bluetooth icon and hold for a moment to turn the icon blue.

As far as connectivity is concerned, I have no objections. During the test I paired the headphones with my laptop and could easily walk around the apartment without any loss of quality. Although sometimes at the other end of his own m2 the sound was interrupted somewhat. On the other hand, there were no complications during running or walking. The smartphone was lying in the pocket, the headphones on and the music was playing perfectly.

Up to 8 devices can be connected to Jabra Move Wireless and can be paired with two products. I used to listen to music from my laptop very often, and at the same time I was connected to a smartphone. In the event of an incoming call, the sound was muted and a notification was heard in the headphones.

An important issue in devices that operate without the need to hook up an external power supply is a powerful battery. And in this case we certainly have to do with such. The tested Jabra Move Wireless wireless headphones allow you to spend hours listening to music. I do not know exactly how much, because I never spent all day on them, but listening for a few minutes a day I had to load the equipment every 5 days. In my opinion, this is a good result that you can not complain about. Jabra Move is charging via microUSB port – we can use this charger for any manufacturer.

Jabra Move Wireless Wireless Headsets Are Worth $100, But Is It Worth Buying Them?

We have a lot of competition in the wireless headset market, so why would you choose Jabra Move Wireless? Now I am in haste with explanations. In my opinion these are some of the best headphones on the market, at least among those I have already tested.

For about $100 you can buy equipment that will run you on the run or walk, but also at home. To fall off your head you really have to try. For this they are headphones with a durable and eye-catching design (everyone can choose the right color for themselves). Great sound and the ability to make phone calls just confirmed my guess.

Wyatt Rodriguez