Review of Jabra Move Bluetooth Headset. Great wireless headphones for tablets [video]

I have known Jabra for a good few years because I have been using and testing various Jabra products for a while. Initially they were headsets, and now it’s time for headphones. After Jabra Sport Pulse turn to Jabra Move Wireless wireless headsets, which are compatible with tablets, smartphones, computers and all devices with Bluetooth. And I must admit I’m delighted with the sound coming out of Jabra Move Wireless …

Stylistic package, exhaustive set

Nowadays, the product must not only be functional and beautiful looking, but also the packaging must encourage the purchase. And in that case, exactly. The Jabra Move Wireless box is classic, functional and eye catching. The most important element, ie the handset, is located in a rubbery environment, and under this hardware you will find a microUSB cable (for charging), a 3.5mm jack cable and several papers. Only what I miss is some basic case that protects the equipment during transport.

Jabra Move Wireless is a solid, well-finished handset

Jabra Move Wireless headphones are a solidly designed handset that works well under almost any conditions. The whole construction weighs 150 grams and in general these grams on the head does not feel. Three different materials were used for the production of this material: stainless steel, dirt-resistant plastic and plastic.

The first material was used to create a cradle on which the entire casing is based. From the top was sewn through a material that is supposed to be resistant to soot. On both sides of the headphone you can find a number of buttons and ports that will make everyday use of your equipment easier. Take an appearance at this post to obtain more advice: click here for more. On the left side of Jabra there is a volume control, a telephone key and a 3.5mm jack. This allows us to listen to music without having to turn on Bluetooth. On the right hand side, there is a power switch, a Bluetooth switch, and a microUSB port.

An important element is also the ear muffs through which the sound smoothly. They are made of leather or material with very similar properties. This is one of the most sensitive elements in the handset and the manufacturer knows it well. Why such a belief? Well, the quality of this item deserves attention. Everything is very well sewn. The material itself should …